Flames of War

Flames of War bring you WW2 tabletop war Game these are 15mm scale. They do every thing to support these games from the rule books to paints. The Flames Of War WWII range includes tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles, artillery and anti-tank guns, infantry and support weapons for eight nations: Germany, the USSR, The United States of America, Great Britain. Flames of War release World War III in 15mm this is all set in the Cold War and after there are a great range of minatures for this game. All the minatures are plastic, you will be able to do Britian, American, German and the Russains. Russains with there T-72 Tank Company and the fearsome Mi-24 Hind or the Americans with there M1 Abrams Tank Platoon and the AH-1 Cobra and there is a lot more to come.

We have games tables at the shop so you can come down and play; from time to time we will do mini torments like Kings of War and Flames of War and others, please call or E-mail for details.

Pictures of built models and painted miniatures are supplied by my staff, Customers and myself; any you buy on this Website are not built or painted.

Customers outside the UK please read shipping and returns for details.

You are all welcome to come and see or even play