Vallejo Washs

Vallejo release a great range of washs and inks these can improve your minatures with shading and weathering. The Washes and Inks, developed with a new resin, are used for shadows and for the application of colors in layers. When applied over a basecoat, they enter into the folds and grooves of the figure, and instantly brings forth the features. They can also be mixed with the regular colors, or with the Mediums. We do stock the full range but if there is any colour you want please ring or E-mail to see if we have in stock.

I use pringles lid and when the paint dries you can peel it off and use the pallet again.

Another useful item is for washs or inks use a tablet strip it stops the wash going every where.

We stock the full range of Vallejo Washs and Inks.

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