Team Yankee East Germans

Team Yankee release the East German army. After its defeat in the Second World War, Germany was occupied by the victorious Allied Powers. The Soviet Union controlled the part to the east of the Elbe River, while Britain, France and the United States occupied the part to the west and the responsibility for the security of Germany was left to the four occupying powers. The relationship between the democratic West (the United States, Britain, and France) and the communist East (the Soviet Union) soon broke down and an ‘Iron Curtain’ was drawn across central Europe. Germany was divided in two.

Like the rest of the Warsaw Pact armed forces, the NVA followed Soviet doctrine and organisation. Their two Panzer (tank) divisions and nine Motorisierte Schützen (motorised rifle) divisions were essentially similar to those of the Soviet army, although their equipment tended to be older, with relatively little of the very latest equipment.

Much of the Equment you can use is in the Russain section.

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