Scalextric model racing

Jancotoys bring you the wonderful world of Scalextric model car racing. Scalextric is well known for there wide range of racing cars from Formula 1 to Rallying. Scalextric do cars, lorrys of famous makes like Audi, Ford, mclaren, jaguar and many others. They also do a wide range of track with pit stops, Chicanes, bends and sraights to build your track up.

If you need help or advise talk to us we have years of experience and Colin is in the shop he has been a model builder and painter for years so he will be able to help you.

Pictures of built models and painted miniatures are supplied by my staff, Customers and myself; any you buy on this Website are not built or painted.

Free Shipping in the UK for orders over £60.00.

Customers outside the UK please read shipping and returns for details.

Well here we go Scalextric model racing club will be starting on Sunday 9th February at 10 am.till 4 pm This will be for adults and children. are welcome £4.00 entrance fee each but we will be doing competitions where you could win some thing. Some things will change as we build the club up. But come down have a go bring your own car if you want fun for all.....