Modeling clay and epoxy putty

Jancotoys now stock DAS Air Drying Modelling Clay and Milliput is epoxy putty this is great for adults or children to make figures or anything. DAS Air Drying Modelling Clay will help you create a huge range of clay model designs easily – without the need for an oven or kiln.

An easy modelling material to work with, this clay molds easily and dries to a firm and strong finish. There is no baking required; simply design your model and then allow for 24 hours per centimeter to dry. It is easy to smooth and will set strongly once air-dried, and then you can start decorating.

You can decorate with poster paints, acrylics and varnish to add bold colors and a professional finish to your projects. Whatever you're molding the clay into, you'll be able to add the perfect finishing touches and finer details.

No baking required

Can be decorated with poster paint and acrylic varnish

Solid and strong when dry

Drying time 24 hours per centimeter thickness PVC free

Contains no softeners, only vegetable binders

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