WW2 German army

Flames of War release the WW2 German army for your battlefield in 15mm. Most of the models are plastic so they are quick to put together. There is a starter set and a wide range of tanks, troops and guns to cover the whole of World War 2. With the army books you will be able to field tanks like the Tiger 1, Panzer IV and many others as well as troops like the panzer grenadiers or the famous paratroopers of the Fallschirmjäger it's your choice.

If you need help or advise talk to us we have years of experience and Colin is in the shop he has been a model builder and painter for years so he will be able to help you.

Pictures of built models and painted miniatures are supplied by my staff, Customers and myself; any you buy on this Website are not built or painted.

Customers outside the UK please read shipping and returns for details.

Items: 112 of 21, per page
Items: 112 of 21, per page