Vallejo Cleaners and Filler

Vallejo bring you a great range of cleaners and filler for your modeling hobby. There is a Vallejo brush cleaner that cleans the brushs and restores them, Vallejo thinners and Vallejo airbrush cleaner. They a fine grain filler which you can fill smalll gaps and if you wel your finger or use a damp paint brush there is next to no sandering to do. It is also good for small bases on figures.

I use pringles lid and when the paint dries you can peel it off and use the pallet again.

Another useful item is for washs or inks use a tablet strip it stops the wash going every where.

Jancotoys have experienced model builders and painters, as you will see from the pictures on the Website, and they will be pleased to give help or advice on any of these hobbies. Pictures of built models and painted miniatures are supplied by my staff, customers and myself, any you buy on this website are not built or painted.

Customers outside the UK please read shipping and returns for details.

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  • Vallejo release Airbrush Cleaner in 200ml bottles this is great stuff and cleans the airbrush well. You do have to dilute it 1 to 1 to use so you getting 400mls instead of 200mls.


    I use 2 empty Vallejo bottles one filled with water and 1 with cleaner then when im spraying and changing color in put a drip of cleaner through and then a drop water to clean the color out.

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    This is a large 200ml of thinners designed for use with the Model Air acrylic range from Vallejo. It can also be used if required with any of the colours from the Vallejo paint range.
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  • Vallejo release there brush cleaner this cleans and restores your brushs. I have used this myself and it restores the point on brushs I can recommend it if you do a lot of brush painting.

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  • Vallejo release there plastic putty this is great for small gaps and easy to use. This Putty comes in a tube with a needle applicator top. Ideal for fine work, weld seams etc.

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  • Vallejo release 17ml Empty Dropper Bottle these are great for mixing Vallejo paint.  Weather you mixing colors or mixing for your airbrush.

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