Acrylic Paints

Vallejo Acrylic Paints release Model Color, Model air, Game Color, Panzer Aces, and we have a wide range of colors in stock. There are 5 ranges of colors. The model air color are airbrush paints, these are ready use put straight into your airbrush. Games color are for your fantasy army or space marines. Panzer colors are for WW2 tanks and figures and Model color for your models. We also stock the Vallejo thinners, fine surface filler, brush cleaner for your painting needs.

Vallejo bring you Weathering Pigments for your models there is a great range for all types of weathering. Pigments are used for weathering and ageing the finish of vehicles, Armour, fortifications and structures; they are ideal for creating the effects of accumulated dust, mud, dirt and smoke produced by time and natural erosion. To adhere the pigment to the surface of the model Matte Medium is used, or Glaze Medium which dries more slowly and allows more time to simulate water and snow run-offs and to move the pigment into and around the details of the model.


We now stock a good range of Vallejo paints and more coming soon.

Vallejo Weathering Powders just in

Please ring or pop in for what we have in stock.